We are a small team hellbent on helping our clients grow.
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Nick Vladimirov

A former freelancer turned project lead with over 10 years of experience with WordPress and Digital Marketing. Driven to deliver high-quality, easy-to-use, low-maintenance products and unbeatable personal attention - he will be your primary point of contact when dealing with us. Hence the name.

Lead Strategist
Car Enthusiast
Evil Laughter


Nelina Yordanova

The voice of reason and logic. Nelly is our QA specialist ensuring we do our jobs before we deliver. She has massive experience in QA as well as administration and accounting work. Well organised and always smiling she will ensure the quick and bug-less delivery of your project. She also cracks hilarious jokes.

QA Specialist
Witch Laughter


Martin Miller

Martin is our top developer with extensive expertise in WordPress. He has significant experience in the corporate space and the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Beer Connaisseur
Sk8er boi


Chris Squared

Kristyan, a.k.a. Chris is our word expert. He devours encyclopedias of knowledge and has an unhealthy obsession with Dungeons and Dragons. He wrote for big and small, but most of all - he wrote for Forbes more than once.

Creative Writing
D&D Dungeonmaster
Character Impersonator


Dimitr Kralev

Dimitar is our Lead SEO Jedi Master with 7+ years of experience in Local and Holistic SEO, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Link building and content strategy.

Master of the mystical SEO
Cigar Collerctor


DomGrid Advanced Development

Our partners at DomGrid provide advanced development for those specific and niche ideas that require high-end custom solutions. With our years of partnership we've pushed the boundaries of WordPress beyond comprehension with elegant and sophisticated solutions courtesy of DomGrid.

Hardcore Backend Fabricator
LTD Addict
Grandmaster Web
Martial Artist


DomGrid Advanced Development

Exceptional web developer with 8 years of experience. He specialises in WordPress solutions including CRM & ERP systems, e-commerce and blogging. Having a passion for teaching - he's a lecturer in many online courses for beginners and intermediates. Real life meme lord.

Meme Lord
Also Evil Laughter

Our Story

In short, we've all worked as freelancers or 9-to-5ers and have gotten to know each other over the years while working on different projects. In 2019, we came together and founded this small studio with the sole purpose of providing exceptional service to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK, Europe, and North America.

We take pride in our work

We keep it modest. We don't strive to serve every client because doing so would lower the calibre of our work. In reality, we pick our partners very carefully.

No nonsense policy

We will tell you exactly what cold hard reality is. No sugarcoating, no nonsense. If we cannot help you, we will let you know without leading you on.

Let's Meet?

Give us a bump if you feel like we can discuss your project.
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